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Out of the Spin Cycle by Jen Hatmaker

“My 6 year old son once said: ‘When I grow up, I want to be a missionary and tell people about God, even though my mom told me all missionaries get murdered….’

…..Insert the sound of me babbling like an idiot….while simultaneously throwing him under a bus for butchering”

Reading Jen Hatmaker’s intro, I already knew I’d enjoy her latest book; ‘Out of the spin cycle’. After reading her story about causing a scene in the front pew of her hometown church, I wanted to drive to Texas and make her my new BFF.

 I admit, I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy this devotional so much. Partially due to the term ‘devotional’- I guess there’s just something about that word that evokes memories of nodding off during Weds night study group. It’s not the kind of book I’d naturally pick up, but if I hadn’t I would’ve missed out.

Jen is the kind of funny, honest writer that makes you laugh and unclench at the same time. Somehow she manages to be real without becoming crude, telling stories about herself and her family that all moms can relate to. If that weren’t enough (and lets face it, sometimes it is), she also ties in a message about living out a life of Faith.

‘Out of the Spin Cycle’ was my first encounter with Hatmaker’s work, but it won’t be my last. I’d encourage mom’s of any age to grab a copy, and to whet your appetite, I’ll leave you with one last excerpt;

(My husband) Brandon: “What’s wrong?”

Me: I’m so depressed

Brandon: “Why? What happened?”

Me: “Gavin is going to college, and I’ll miss him so much, I can’t even stand it”

Brandon (long pause):“He’s eleven”

Me: “But he’s going some day!”

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