About Anne

Anne enjoys learning, and she loves committee meetings, though she hates to waste time, and doesn’t like attending meetings that don’t produce results. Making decisions and project management is easy for her.

Her special skill is marketing. And to verify this, her greatest accomplishment was the execution of an innovative program called Marriage Encounter (ME). Not only was it an amazing experience for all who were involved, it was a learning experience for her. Anne found that she was a leader, able to direct, delegate and make decisions. She put together teams and helped train them to serve and witness marriages change for the better.

Her wildest dream is to be the President of a successful business, looking at the words that best describe her – that dream will soon be a reality. Anne is energized by being with people. She is driven and focused; and is most satisfied driving projects that deliver measurable results. Anne is a caregiver; she enjoys meeting the needs of others. She is creative; and loves to work with her hands. She enjoys practical ventures, like designing clothing and decorating rooms. The ‘hunt’ for the right item or piece of furniture, the coordinating of colors and styles is exactly what motivates her.

She’s feminine and truly enjoys being a woman. Anne loves to dance, especially with a partner. She loves the strategy of dancing together. Her philosophy is that the man must lead and the woman must follow, but to do either there must be compromise and co-operation from both partners.

A perfect day for Anne includes connecting with business individuals in a meaningful way. This includes networking and marketing. She needs time alone to sew or scrapbook. The end of the day includes popcorn, a video, her husband and her girls.

Books are an important part of Anne’s life and many have made a difference in her outlook. Anne is a Christian, and The Bible continues to transform her. She reads self-help books and books about real people and their situations. Childhood abuse and co-dependency with alcoholism are areas of interest and concern for Anne. Books on foster parenting and the importance of showing love to the children in their care resonates to Anne as the foster mom of two girls.

The accomplishment Anne is most proud of was being the principal caregiver with her husband for her brother who died of AIDS. Out of this experience she learned how to protect the vulnerable and found her heart expanded with an even deeper love for people in similar situations.

What is most important to Anne is that her family be successful. They all know that she is their “champion” and would advocate and do everything possible to help them succeed. She asks only for them to give their best, to love people and love God. Marriage and family are clear-cut goals for Anne’s oldest children. The legacy she will like to leave behind is one that sees a solid business and a strong, dedicated family. She hopes to be remembered as someone who nurtured her family, served others in the community, all the while moving through life as a successful business owner.

Anne Blinch, dedicated to her family, her friends and her community. Action orientated – results driven. She is a champion for those in need; she can be a leader or a follower, depending on the situation. She is always adaptable and an exceptional member of any team.


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