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The Grace of God

From the back cover:

“Grace. It’s what we crave most when our guilt is exposed. It’s the very thing we are hesitant to extend when we are confronted with the guilt of others-especially when their guilt has robbed us of something we consider valuable.

Therein is the struggle, the struggle for grace. It’s the struggle that makes grace more story than doctrine. It’s the struggle that reminds us that grace is bigger than compassion or forgiveness. That struggle is the context for both. When we are on the receiving end, grace is refreshing. When it is required of us, it is often disturbing. But when correctly applied, it seems to solve just about everything. This struggle is not new; it has been going on since the beginning.”

The Grace Of God is a book for every person who sits in a pew today. I thoroughly enjoyed this book by Andy Stanley. Grace is examined through the lens of Scripture, told in story form with familiar biblical stories. It is relevant, refreshing and authentically written in the Andy Stanley manner. Although Stanley and others state that it is not a deep or complicated book we forget that grace is not deep or complicated. Our struggle is in the application of grace – receiving it and giving it away. Stanley does unveil some applications of Scripture and reveals grace as I have never heard it before. I am more convinced that our Christian culture has robbed us some of our understanding of this critical element of God’s love; indeed, our understanding of the very Personhood of God. Since reading this book, many times I have stopped myself short and re-examined a current situation and saw God’s grace in it or saw where grace was required of me.  His conclusions are what we need to hear today.  This is a book for our times!
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The Thorn by Beverly Lewis

“Two Amish sisters divided by one sister’s impulsive marriage to an outsider.

Hen longs for the Old Ways she left behind….

Rose unsure of her own heart – devoted to the bishop’s rebellious foster son, yet courted by another.”

The Thorn by Beverly Lewis is the first in the Rose Trilogy.  The story is a heartwarming romance as well as a heart-wrenching drama. It largely revolves around two sisters Rose and Hen, their family and one decision that has impacted their families and their community.

I loved this book. It has been a long time since I have read a  fictional book that I enjoyed this much. The characters are very well-developed as is the story line. In fact, it felt like sitting in the room as the conversations took place and the tension rose and fell. Like many of the other readers of Beverly Lewis’ books I too became very curious about the taboos and the values of the Amish culture. Although they lived in a Plain culture their emotions,values and even decisions were very similar to those of us who have not chosen their way of life.

The story has a very unexpected yet satisfying ending . As I laid down my book and closed it I was pleased that Beverly has made it the first of the trilogy.

I was left with the desire to read more.

Beverly Lewis has written over 80 books for children, youth, and adults, many of which have appeared on bestseller lists, including USA Today and The New York Times.  Beverly and her husband, David, live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc

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No More Christian Nice Girl- by Paul Coughlin and Jennifer D. Degler

Ever found yourself sacrificing or going that extra mile when you didn’t have any more  to give? Did you believe you were imitating Jesus? Did you feel so put out that  you justified bringing it up in a back-handed, catty sort of way? 

Have you ever considered that you were going at life wrong? You were getting through life by being extra nice. The person who gives and picks up the slack, who listens to every story and puts herself last. You were choosing a way to be liked and avoid rejection. Meanwhile underneath you were pretty angry and you felt very justified to gossip. 

Although we would see ourselves on the pages of this book none of us would have guessed our belief system was this faulty. Our anger would have kept most of us from seeing the truth. At least until now.

Paul Coughlin, author and founder of The Protectors and Jennifer Degler,  licensed psychologist and life coach examine how conditioning and belief systems have affected our actions to be Nice instead of Good. They challenge our thinking about what we believe to be the true character of Christ. Was He strong and courageous or someone who was nice (weak)?  Society has a way of quietly rejecting the woman who is bold and courageous, then as christians we help justify it  with our inaccurate picture of Jesus. The authors  tackle how our desire to be Nice and not Good will affect our relationships, our promotions at work  and our sex lives. With strategies, wisdom and Scripture to challenge our thinking they take women on the journey to leave being Nice to choosing Good as God intended.

 As a female leader, I thoroughly enjoyed this very readable book. I have often found myself frustrated inside  and outside the church. The duplicity is difficult to deal with and often women wear masks and are angry because their authentic selves are not accepted. I believe every woman who sits in church needs  to read this book. Being nice needs to be replaced with good to help the next geration of women live authentically.

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Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.

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