What will Twitter do for My Business?

What will Twitter do for My Business?: Everyone is talking about Twitter but what will Twitter do for my business?

Can I really afford the time? What does it accomplish?

Imagine your website is a hotel. How people find it, are the roads. Count the roads to your hotel. You have probably hoped that Google took care of that or that just by chance you have such amazing information on it complete with moving pictures that people are lining up. Not so! You must drive with people to your website and coincidently Twitter is one easy way to do this. Following people is networking. So network with business who would compliment your business and you theirs. Keep in mind that there is a 2000 limit of people you can follow. Follow everyone at the beginning but become more selective as you go. Experiment or “Test and Measure” to see what information attracts new businesses to you. Put in the time. Then ask yourself if the time investment was worth the website exposure.

And that my friend is only scratching the surface…..Twitter can do more!


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